Saturday, January 24, 2009

I found a dress!!!

After the three shops that I've already chronicled, I hit up a local bridal shop, Amhrein's. I thought the lady there was very helpful, and I must have tried on another 20 dresses. I narrowed it down to two dresses there that I liked, and I could fit in both of them, and could get a really good deal on either of them. I called up RoaMaid*, and had her run out to look at them. She was wonderful, and helpful, and brought a little perspective. I liked both of them, but neither was absolutely perfect.

After the first four stores, I knew the things I wanted in a dress. So, today, I went to Lynchburg. I'd heard about a charity bridal store there run by the YWCA, Church Street Bridal, that has dresses donated by stores all over the area, all for $200-350. Pretty amazing. We even saw a Monique Lhullier Scarlet! Unfortunately, most of the styles that they had today were far from what I was looking for. So no dice.

But we did see another boutique in Lynchburg. RoaMaid was amazing and called over as we waited for a dressing room at Church Street Bridal. They said that no appointment was needed and that they weren't too busy. So, after a great lunch at Hot and Cold, a great local Mediterranean place, we headed over to Celebration Bridal.

And that's where we found the dress! We couldn't get the attention of any of the salespeople at first (because they had definitely gotten busy since we'd called!), so the two of us wandered the racks, and pulled out three dresses that seemed to fit my criteria. We finally found someone to help us, and I started trying them on! The first one was it. I finally made myself change, and try the other two, but I knew I didn't even need to show RoaMaid. I wanted to put the first dress back on. After hanging around in it for a while, I ordered it!!!!I love it. It's perfect.


*RoaMaid - my one and only bridesmaid who is here in Roanoke with me.