Thursday, October 30, 2008

Finding Vendors

Of course, there are all the traditional routes for finding vendors - the bridal magazines and websites and referrals of friends. Unfortunately, all of my friends that are getting married/have recently gotten married chose completely different locations from those I'm considering, and i can't help but believe that there are some gems that aren't listed in the advertising directories. But I do trust recommendations!

Totally gratuitous picture of Barboursville

While I am obviously not working with any vendors yet, I am perusing websites and such, and I was surprised to find that some of them are incredibly helpful! The Barboursville Winery has a handy-dandy list of recommended vendors on their website, as does Festive Fare Party Rentals (and theirs provides complete contact info on each vendor). How freaking nice of them! I love when people put lists together for me. Now, if only there was a way to convince all vendors/venues/etc. to give a handy-dandy price list on their websites!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

engagement portraits

I was able to tour the West Wing a couple of weeks ago, and it was a wonderful experience! One of the highlights was looking at the pictures taken by the White House photographer. Many of the photos hanging in the hallways were regularly changed out to reflect what Bush, Cheney, and staff had been doing recently (for instance, a photo with the latest foreign dignitary to visit). And there was one hallway in particular that housed the President's favorite photos of himself.

It was an ah-ha trip for me. Clearly, the take-away point is that I desperately need an amazing professional photog to follow me around at all times and capture all the moments that I'll want to remember, and to eventually get a flattering picture of me. Right?! Well, it gave me engagement photo inspiration, at least. I may not be able to finagle my way into having portraits done in the rose garden or at the Crawford ranch, I can at least bring an element of my life into them.
Since we are both lawyers, and I do currently work in a courthouse, I would love to do a session in a courtroom - I imagine way over-the-top editorial-esque photos with us standing on top of the tables on the opposing sides of the room wagging fingers at each other, and a sweet photo kissing behind the bench. Maybe even a photo of him cross-examining me (with me on the witness stand). I think it would be sweet (and a little sassy). The question is really whether he would be willing to do something so quirky.

We are also both food people. We both love to cook (although we rarely get to), and he is a huge foodie. So I'd love a session in the kitchen. Just pictures of us making a cake or lasagna together. I imagine flour and icing everywhere, and both of us in aprons.

Finally, I desperately want a picture of us together with me holding a gun, pointed at him. I had the dubious reputation as the girl with guns in law school, and frankly, I think it would be a way to laugh at how silly I'm being right now, desperately hoping that he'll eventually actually get me a ring. ;) I think this would be perfect on the trail that I always walked in law school - the Chessie Trail. It was a rails to trails project, and it's all wooded, with a river on one side and fences on the other side. It was perfect for walking Hershey without having to keep him on the leash (but don't tell, because there was definitely a sign posted (which no one paid attention to) that said pups needed leashes), and it was so relaxing. It was sheltered from the wind, and shaded in the summer. Pretty much perfect.

Ah, if only I had an unlimited budget. How on earth to afford a photographer for a week?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Oh no!

The boyfriend and I both love history. He's a native Virginian, and if you've even met a Virginian, you know all that that means. It comes with a certain awe of The Commonwealth. I've decided that I find this endearing, and with most things, it works out well.
The Virginia House

For instance, plantations. How can you not love the grandeur and sprawl and sense of history that a well-restored plantation evokes?! So... I've been looking for plantation wedding locations. And I found the perfect one. Seriously! It was moved to Virginia brick by brick and rebuilt near Richmond. And it's amazingly beautiful! Can't you tell?! I WANT IT!

The Virginia House Gardens

I even convinced myself that it wouldn't be too expensive since it's not as well known as the Biltmore Estate, and is owned and operated by the historical society. Right? A quick perusal of the website yielded no info on renting it out - it just said to call. I called, and there was a menu option for special events - I pressed it. The recorded voice had the audacity to tell me that they no longer do weddings!!! What does that mean? When did they? Why don't they now? Would a very grumpy woman yelling at them convince them that they wanted to deal with that kind of crazy again/more? My dreams=dashed.

Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC

*Honestly, if I could have anything I wanted, I'd have the ceremony in the Library of Congress and the reception at the White House. But I can't have everything I want. Sad.

Groom, optional

I am not engaged. Nonetheless, I'm planning my wedding. I just like to be on top of things like that. So there.