Sunday, January 4, 2009

The dress

My mom got married a few years ago, and I think she was beautiful.

We're about the same height, and have the same basic build, and if I meet my goals, I'll be close to her size by the time of my wedding. And she has offered her dress if I want it!

She's bringing it up when she comes to visit this weekend (to see me get sworn in - yay!). It'll give me a chance to try it on and to see just how much weight I'd have to lose for it to fit. Obviously, no matter what, there would be some alterations needed, but it would be soooo much cheaper than buying a new dress.

But I like dressing up. And I love trying on pretty things. Is it bad that I want to go dress shopping? And then, what if I find something I like? I don't think my mom has her heart set on me wearing her dress, but I do think it would be awkward to back out of using it if it turns out to work out.


  1. I'm sure she would understand if you did find your own dress. This is all about you.

  2. Go dress shopping. And enjoy it!!!

  3. Love the neckline on your mom's gown

  4. Girls: Thanks! It's pretty easy to convince me to play dress up!
    BC: Thanks. I think it's so pretty.