Monday, January 5, 2009

Cold feet... already?

I'm already having second thoughts! Not about the wedding, but about our ceremony location. With all of my presearch under my belt, I thought I was sure of what I wanted. I knew that this morning, I would call the chapel at his law school, and if I could get a date there in September, I would. So I called, and they had a couple of choices, and I booked it! I made my first wedding decision (aside from saying yes, of course).

And I am already second guessing myself. That means that there really won't be a plantation wedding. Booking it for 6pm means I really am having an evening wedding, with all that it entails. And the part of me that is looking at the budget is already freaking out!
I hope I don't go through this with every wedding decision. Am I supposed to be so worried?


  1. Yes, it's natural. Everything will work out no matter what.

    You could always have a wedding for under $1,000 & get married in a red lingerie from Victoria Secrets.

  2. ;) Sorry I forgot to add that.

  3. Thankfully, I have my mom, planner extraordinaire! Everytime I get completely freaked out, she comes through with a logical method and show me that I've been overlooking something obvious. Yay mom!!!
    I'm excited again.