Thursday, November 13, 2008

The talk

I am very fortunate to have a best friend who comes with a great family! I love them as if they were my own. They have access to the Americas Mart in Atlanta because of their business (which is an awesome story of small business success!), and they have used this access to buy wholesale jewelry before. We'd discussed the idea of my future husband taking advantage of this access too (so that I could end up with a larger ring for the same price, of course), but always in the abstract, along many years of relationships of varying degrees.

Now that it looks like it will really happen, my friend brought it up again, and her parents said that they'd be happy to help us get access to the Mart. Now, the next show isn't until January (OMG, that requires patience), and I had to actually broach the subject. In general, I think we can talk about anything, but he's avoided talking directly about this sort of thing, so I've been trying to dance around it (not that he would agree with this statement - he'd likely say that I've been very blunt and confrontational). But for him to know that this was an option, I had to actually bring it up myself. I was terrified!

But I did finally bring it up. I tried once and backed down, but the second time, I actually made myself say it out loud. And he responded perfectly. He asked a few questions to make sure that he understood what I was really talking about/offering up, and then said he'd think about it as a possibility. So, I'm stuck still guessing (for all I know, he may have already bought it - he did have all day Tuesday off) if and when and how. Which, honestly, I kinda like (although it is driving me a little crazy). And lets me relax too. I can tell myself that it's probably not going to happen yet, because he's probably waiting to get the ring that way. So it's win/win (at least for me).

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