Wednesday, November 26, 2008

B parties

Mr. L is going to be in yet another wedding next month (Seriously, I've lost count of how many he has been in - to my 2, both my mom's. And yes, I'm totally jealous of him, especially since he doesn't enjoy it the way I would!), and the guys had the bachelor party this Saturday. They took off up to DC for the night. The plan was dinner at Ruth's Chris and then a cigar bar. In reality, the cigar bar was also followed by a pub, before returning to the hotel and crashing. On the way back, they had lunch. That's it! All in all, totally un-scandalous.

Now, the last bachelor party he went to (earlier this year) was a long weekend in Vegas, and involved not only strip joints, but also regular clubs, and just happening into the club where Flo Rida was performing. And that's just the stuff that they would tell me about!

The one and only bachelorette party that I've been part of was pretty tame (and really fun). We went to Charleston, SC and stayed with a friend's family. We took a guided carriage ride, and had one of our other engaged friends try on dresses for our entertainment at a local bridal boutique, and walked all over Charleston, and spent one night out at the bars (but didn't do anything more scandalous than shots... looking back through the pictures, more shots than I remember). We even decorated foam tiaras! (Oh... and we had so much good food!)Basically, we were tame.

Private carriage ride - totally worth it (even in the cold!)
It is possible that her parents will never invite me back once they realize the way I tortured Cindy Lou Who in an attempt to get a picture of her in my tiara.
OK, we did give her cards with descriptions of types of people she had to find, and we made her wear a tiara, and she danced with the band for a bit, and there may have been a drunken rendition of the UVA fight song... but really, that was the only scandalousness!

Yes, they invited all the bachelorettes in the club to get up with the band - including the woman who had just gotten married and was still in her dress.

All of this makes me wonder what our parties will be like. Chris complained that this cigar bar trip was a little on the dull side (but admitted that the Ruth's Chris steak was the best he'd had in a very long time). I think he thinks that adult entertainment is essential to a bachelor party. And I loved my Charleston trip, but I have always imagined a slightly more scandalous party, with everyone really letting lose and maybe even dancing on a bar or two. Does that make us wild?
I recently spent the weekend in DC with some undergrad friends, and had a great time. The girl I was with is definitely on the wilder end of my friend spectrum (which really isn't that wild), and I told her that she was in charge of the bachelorette party. And I stand by that! I think she's a lot more likely to push and cheer lead to make me (us) have fun! And she's another future lawyer, so you know you can trust her to be very thorough and organized about the whole thing!

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