Monday, November 24, 2008


I admit it. I have a hat problem. I have nearly as many hats as I have pairs of shoes (and I love shoes too!), and I probably have more hats than purses! I love hats, I love the way I look in hats, and I love the drama of hats! unfortunately, there are not nearly enough excuses to don a bit of head adornment. But on a girl's wedding day, anything goes!

Cocktail parties call for cocktail hats!

Halloween 2008 - a lollipop tiara AND an awesome wig! And yes, those are amazing, glittery false eyelashes - another favorite that will reappear in some form for the wedding(minus the glitter, I suppose)!

Halloween 2007 - giant hat, and false eyelashes (again)

Horse Races - Is there any better excuse to wear a big hat?!

Another great horse race = another great hat!

I originally thought that I'd go with a traditional, long veil for the ceremony, and then a birdcage veil (easier to dance in, but even more dramatic) for the reception. Then it occurred to me - this is the perfect excuse to wear a hat! I still like the idea of a very traditional, long veil for the ceremony, but what about a birdcage veil WITH a hat for the reception!? Obviously, it couldn't be too high of a hat, because I still have to be able to twirl under an arm without knocking it off (these are serious considerations, people!), but a nice, understated hat - something like a fascinator+. Yeah, that's it. I really love my black cocktail hat - I wonder what something like that would look like in white?


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