Wednesday, February 4, 2009


We spent Sunday morning starting our registry. I opted for Bed, Bath, and Beyond because I knew that they had a large selection of actual china and silver, as well as nicer pots. It also helped that they have a reputation for having a good return policy, they have stores all over, they aren't going bankrupt (that I know of) any time soon, we can edit the registry online, and guests can purchase online. Generally, prefect.

We spent about an hour. We picked out a china pattern, Mr. L vetoed any more catalog pattern shopping (ie. for silver), and we made it through most of the big kitchen stuff. And then we realized that we have no idea about decorating stuff, because we have no idea where we'll be. Awesome.
Generally, it was pretty easy. I think we both have similar taste, and it was easy to agree on most things. There were a couple of things that only one of us wanted, but none of them were things that would bother the other person (like the pot I wanted. It won't hurt him to have an extra pot in the cabinet).
And Mr. L bought an onion keeper. Apparently he felt that he needed one.
Now, I realize that I really wish I could register with etsy and anthropology. If only.

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