Monday, February 9, 2009

e-pics that weren't

Saturday was going to be a productive day in Lex. We had engagement pics scheduled with our craigslist, student, free photographer. After many emails and a phone call, we had it all set-up... or so I thought. We got there at 2. I realized that I'd accidentally left my cell phone at home. Oops. Not that I had her cell phone number anyway.

At 2:25, there was no sign of her, and no voicemail from her. Damn. So, we opted for lunch and going to check out a couple of venue options (more on that later).

When I got home, I had 3 voice mails from said photographer. The first one was at 2:50, saying that she was running late, but was on her way. Another at 3:10 saying she was there, and another even later, that was the first to leave her actual cell phone number. Seriously? I'm assuming that she thought we were meeting at 3. Lame.

and now, someone else's e-pic, as gratuitous eye candy from the remarkable Scott Hayne.

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