Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Save the date magnets?

Originally, I had in mind that I would do postcard STDs with a business card-sized magnet attached. But then, while working with the stationer, it was easy (and I was happy) to do letterpress STDs that matched the invitations - simple, classy, and in an envelope. And I'm really excited about them. I had completely dropped the idea of including magnets (thinking that they wouldn't really match the new style).

...and then I found marble magnets! (see Mormon Chic, Quidnunc.org, and NotMartha, et al.)
So I did a test run. As it turns out, my graphic design skills are seriously lacking. But here's what I came up with. I'm still not sure if it's worth including with the save-the-dates or not. They are way easy, so that's not a problem, at least. I'm just not sure if they are pretty/cool/neat enough to make it worth including. I guess I have to decide sometime this week, because I should be sending them out by this time next week!


  1. I think that would be a cool little giftie for your wedding party and VIPs, but would be both time and money consuming to include with all STDs. Also, they would be a bit awkward to shove into an envelope with a pretty letterpress invite.

    Cute though, I'm totally bookmarking this craft for a b-day gift for my mom!

  2. Sezzy: Thanks! I was kinda leaning toward not including them (for basically the same reason you said), but needed to hear someone else say it. I didn't even think about including them as a little extra present to my VIPs - I like that idea.
    And PS, if you do decide to make some, they are WAY cheap. I think I got a big (probably over 100 pebbles) bag of marbles and 50 3/4" magnets for under $5. I already had modge podge lying around, and it worked great as the adhesive.